Values & Cultures

At BHER, our cultures are based on seven core values: stewardship, performance, improvement, passion, trust, integrity, and teamwork.


Stewardship is leadership with all employees as owners of our Vision, Mission, Values and Behaviors.


Performance is a commitment to participating only in activities that are result-oriented and create value.


Improvement is the unrelenting pursuit of excellence and is a necessity in sustaining our vision of being a top-tier performing company. We are a learning and teaching organization that embraces continuous improvement and change. Every day is a new opportunity to do things better than the day before.


Passion is the energy, commitment and enthusiasm that inspire us to achieve the never-ending pursuit of excellence.


Trust is unyielding confidence in our character and competence. It is the bedrock of our relationships and our performance.
Integrity is the foundation of our culture and our people.


Teamwork is people collaborating to develop innovative ideas and optimal solutions, with a focus on cooperatively achieving common goals.