Drilling/Well Engineering Services

At BHER, our primary goal is to optimize asset value with a proven suite of drilling system services. Our team of engineers will work closely with your team to deliver fit-for-purpose drilling engineering solutions aimed at decreasing investment risk and maximizing production.

All our services are designed with a LEAN mindset and is aimed at reducing to the minimum non-value adding requirements. BHER believes that quality delivery begins with a efficient well design and extends to the efforts we invest in well-site execution and delivery.


BHER’s drilling services includes:

  • Drilling / Well Design
  • Completion Design
  • Drilling Efficiency Optimization
  • Rig Sourcing
  • Drilling Equipment & Supply


Drilling / Well Design – BHER’s Drilling engineers are experienced in the design of onshore or offshore wells varying from low pressure to HPHT wells and wells for enhanced oil recovery i.e. water / polymer injectors and steam injectors. They are also abreast of developments in the industry and aim at the delivery of wells as safely and economically as possible.


Completion Design – Completions are the conduit between hydrocarbon reservoirs and surface facilities, and are a fundamental part of any hydrocarbon field development project. Therefore, our engineers focus on designing a system that will safely maximize the hydrocarbon recovery from the well and ensure that our designs are robust enough to last the producing life of the well under the varying design conditions the well will encounter.


Drilling Efficiency Optimization Service – BHER’s engineers focus on applying structured engineering process to help understand the wellbore and reservoir challenges you face and deliver your drilling objectives. We also analyze data from multiple offset wells to gain an understanding of possible performance barriers that can result in nonproductive time. A drilling plan is then developed that provides the right drilling solutions, proposes the most optimal technologies, optimized drilling parameters, and operating procedures.


Rig Sourcing – Statistics have shown that drilling rigs account for 30 to 35% of project costs. Improving rig capabilities can substantially reduce risks and project costs. The more specialized the rig, the more difficult they are to find and the more lead time that is required. That is why BHER’s rig sourcing service in conjunction with our rig contractors will help evaluate and select the right rig to deliver on your field development objectives.


Drilling Equipment & Supply – let BHER’s dedicated team handle your next drilling equipment orders and give you the peace of mind you deserve. At BHER’s, we understand how important and expensive downtime is in today’s competitive scenario and we continually strive to shorten our delivery period with the quickest response times for your orders. Our lead time is one of the best and we assure consistent satisfaction for all order sizes.

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