Marine Logistics & Support Services


Marine operations represent one of the most demanding elements in oil and gas logistics. Our marine technical, operations and agency teams work closely with our clients to reduce absolute costs and maximize operating efficiencies.


At BHER, we provide an integrated logistics service, ensuring on-time delivery of all materials from vendor to rig or platform and back again. We manage warehouse, packing, pipe yard, transport, fuels and bulks, CCU, quayside and waste operations – using our own assets and resources or third party suppliers according to client requirements and local custom. We also have a strong marine management capability which helps our clients manage their vessel operations effectively, efficiently and safely.


BHER’s core competencies includes:


  • Provision of crude oil barges.
  • Crude Handling (Provision of Logistics Support and Military Security for crude oil evacuation).
  • Produce water treatment and evacuation.
  • Rig move Operations (Rig move Personnel & Route/Slot Surveys).
  • Offshore Drilling Logistics Support Services.
  • Inshore Drilling Logistics Support Services.
  • Supply of Petroleum Products.
  • Ship Chandelling, etc..
  • Provision of Barges & House Boats.
  • Provision of Tug & Crew Boats.
  • Provision of Speed Boats & Landing Crafts.
  • Provision of vessels for Offshore Operations (PSV, MPSV & AHTS).
  • Dredging (Location Sweeping and Sand Stockpiling).
  • Wreck Removal & Salvage Operations.